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3 Principles for Crafting Inclusive Internal Communications
Internal Communications

Using inclusive language is one of the ways communicators can actively help build more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. While there’s no magic bullet for nailing inclusive employee communications, check out these 3 principles to get started.

Let’s Talk About Pronouns: 4 Tips for Gender Inclusivity in the Workplace
Diversity & Inclusion

Nothing is more personal than a pronoun. While we will all make mistakes in a world that has programmed us to accept gender normativity, we can all can do our part in using language that is respectful, inclusive, and affirming at work. Here’s how!

How to Support Employees Observing Ramadan
Diversity & Inclusion

Ramadan is a very important and culturally powerful month for Muslims. Want to know more about the month, it's meaning, and how to be a better ally to your colleagues? We've identified 5 ways you can get started!