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12 Employee Engagement and Internal Communications Trends for 2023
Internal Communications

We’re predicting the work trends for 2023 for internal communications, leadership and culture. Find out the best employee engagement trends and how to prepare!

10 Women-Owned Employee Experience Agencies You Should Know
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Whether it’s through internal communications, human resources, or diversity, equity and inclusion, we’ve gathered 10 women-owned agencies we admire for leading the charge in employee experience.

Building Inclusive & Accessible Cultures Through HR and Communications
Diversity & Inclusion

Internal communications and HR has the power to spark deeper conversations and champion inclusion and equity. We sat down with the internal communications advisor and coach behind CK Consulting, Kamna Narain, to tap into her unique perspective and learn how to lean into our superpowers.

2021 Employee Experience Grati-do’s (and Don’ts)
Just for Fun

As we looked back over the last year, we wanted to take some time to share things we're grateful to be seeing emerge in the workplace––and things we're all too happy to see on their way out. Let's dive into our grati-do's and grati-don'ts!

7 Ways to Demonstrate Your Value at Work
Best Practices

Ready to take your function from being the misunderstood black sheep to the (almost) life of the corporate party? Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for 7 ways to elevate your work and showcase your value.

Ask the DEI Expert: How to Elevate Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, allyship and anti-racism were at the forefront of the conversation over the summer but how do you keep the momentum going? We had the pleasure of talking to Anthony Vaughan, co-founder of The E1B2 Collective, about how companies can put employees first and elevate equity and inclusion.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King's History and Legacy
Diversity & Inclusion

Contrary to popular American belief, Reverend King was not the revered figure he is now during his own lifetime. In fact, just 3 years after his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech, 50% of white Americans believed he was hurting the cause.