10 Years of Brilliance

September 26, 2018
This month, Brilliant Ink is celebrating 10 years, and rather than getting ourselves a big birthday gift, we’ve decided to give back. As a company, we feel it’s our responsibility to make the world a better place and we are honored to be able to share our resources with others. So, in celebration of 10 brilliant years, we’ve invited our team to select 10 deserving organizations that have a personal connection to each of them:
Jenn Gunst:
I would like Brilliant Ink to make a donation to the Hearing Health Foundation, an organization dedicated to researching cures for hearing loss. We have a family member with sensorineural hearing loss and are hopeful continued research will identify a way to restore full hearing.
Patty Rivas:
I’d like to donate to Save the Children. As a mother (and a human!), it breaks my heart that so many children suffer and die each year because they lack basic necessities like clean water, medicine and food. There are so many respectable charities focused on the growth and development of children, but first, they need to survive their infant years, which is Save the Children’s primary mission.
Claire Stuart: I’d like to donate to Mitchell’s Place – a nonprofit school in Birmingham, Alabama that provides comprehensive, researched-based, educational, social and therapeutic services for children, adolescents, and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities in a deeply caring environment. The children receive occupational, speech, language, and ABA therapy to set them up for success and to reach their full potential.  It’s incredibly effective and convenient for children and families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to receive such comprehensive care at an early age and have it all under one roof.
Becky Sennett: My organization of choice is Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. They are dedicated to finding cures and new treatments for all types of cancer, and truly put patients first. On a more personal note, they literally saved my life, and took great care of my dad.
Kate Angus:
My choice is Girls on the Run Bay Area because their program instills confidence and self-esteem in young girls while encouraging them to be active. What could be better than that?!
Sara Howland:
I’d like to donate to Loved Twice, a local non-profit that curates baby wardrobes-in-a-box and distributes them through social workers in hospitals, shelters and clinics. They believe every newborn deserves to have the basics for their first year of life and have collected, packed and delivered more than $5 million of clothing to date. Lisa and her team move mountains to take care of Bay Area families.
Lindsay McCleary:
I would like to donate to Art Pop Street Gallery, located in Charlotte North Carolina. I have served on the board of ArtPop for almost 3 years and I’ve been able to witness firsthand the benefit that this program provides artists as well as the communities in which they serve. This program provides about $50,000 worth of free billboard advertising to annual winners. For some of the artists in the program it serves as their first opportunity to publicly showcase their work. And many artists have told us that seeing their work on a billboard validates them as a professional artist.
Anna Downing:
For my charity of choice, I would like to give to Compassion International. Compassion International is an organization that aids underprivileged children in developing countries to have access to food, clothing, and education.  I love supporting a cause with my family that makes it more personal for our children because we’re giving to children.
Jackie Berg:
My charity of choice is Dress for Success. Dress for Success is an organization dedicated to empowering women by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and life. I had the opportunity to volunteer with the DFS Interview and Employment Suiting program here in Charlotte, which was about so much more than a new outfit. Suiting is the culmination of so much hard work, dedication and bravery as these women are creating new opportunities and pathways for themselves, and I felt lucky to be a small part of their journey.
Tess Palladino: 
I want to donate to the U.S. Committee for Refugees in Albany, New York. They work to open doors for uprooted people, helping the world’s most vulnerable rebuild their lives. USCRI is part of a nationwide network that breaks through social, cultural, and economic barriers so previously interrupted lives can flourish. They facilitate navigating American culture, laying solid foundations for a fresh start, and making essential community connections to successfully integrate into their community.
In addition to these awesome organizations, throughout our 10th year in business, Brilliant Ink has been providing ongoing pro bono support to the PRSA Foundation to help it in its efforts to increase diversity in the Communications industry.

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Anna Downing

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