Corporate Speak is Punishable by Death, Part 3

March 16, 2009
Remember our top 10 list of words to avoid like the plague? We've added two more, and we're taking suggestions. Check out the latest words to make the list:

  • "Ask" as a noun. I've now heard multiple people abuse the word "ask" on more than one occasion, which leads me to believe that this might be the start of a horrifying new trend. Here's an example: "What's our 'ask' of the client?" There's a perfectly good word that serves the same purpose: "question." Use it.
  • Execute. There's too much violence in the world already - business people don't need to contribute to it by "executing" plans. By the way, in case you accuse me of hypocrisy, this word did live on the Brilliant Ink site at one point. Don't worry, it's now long gone.

Which words make you cringe? Leave your comment below.Twitter: @lizkelly

Alison Harrison

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