Feel-Good Flicks to Help Battle 2020 Blues

September 2, 2020

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a real doozie. It’s the kind of year that makes you want to pull the covers over your head and sleep away the next few months. 

In the middle of a global pandemic, we're finding ourselves logging longer workdays (by 48.5 minutes), pulled into more meetings (up 13%) and sending 14 more emails each day. Oh, and tack on that the Census Bureau has found that one third of Americans are now showing signs of clinical anxiety and/or depression.

But instead of hitting snooze until 2021, what if you could help battle the blues with your remote? Mental health pros actually recommend watching TV to keep your spirits up! From prescribed cinema therapy groups to curated recommendations, the power of flipping on Netflix isn’t one to underestimate.

“Because we are being inundated with extremely serious content, comedy and feel-good shows can provide the humor we need to offer us some balance in our daily lives… Research has shown that humor is cathartic and can give us an outlet for stress, fears, and anxiety.”
– Dr. Faith M. Sproul, Psychologist

So what are you waiting for? Cuddle up with a comfy pillow and watch some critically acclaimed (note: I’m the critic) feel-good flicks. They’ll make you laugh, cry and experience all the feels from the safety and comfort of your own home.

1. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Draw on inspiration from the beloved Mr. Rogers, a man whose life’s work was dedicated to engaging children on a range of tough topics. It’s hard not to wonder how he would’ve been a guiding light to all of us (parents and children alike!) during this dark time. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is the perfect movie to watch right now. Mr. Rogers' relentless passion for staying in the moment is an evergreen reminder of the importance of being human above all else. (Something we really value at Brilliant Ink!)

2. Booksmart

Live vicariously through two best friends who worked their tails off during high school only to find out that they should’ve spent more time enjoying the ride over seeking the destination. Booksmart will help fill the void for anyone missing their glory days with a gentle reminder that the ride isn’t over! 

3. Becoming

The idea of being in a crowded auditorium seems like a distant memory. But thanks to Netflix, you can join Oprah, Reese, Colbert and more as they talk with Michelle Obama about her memoir, Becoming. Watch fans swoon and tears fall as Michelle opens up about her journey to the White House and beyond. 

4. The Last Dance

Raise your hand if you’re missing live sports? Okay, I’m not but I appreciate the fact that sports fans across the world have an itch that desperately needs to be scratched - and The Last Dance does exactly that! Relive the memories of Michael Jordan, his best buds and forever frenemies in this goose bump-inducing 10-part miniseries. 

Now, grab your Kleenex and a bowl of popcorn, and start streaming! For more bite-sized brilliance, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Lindsay McCleary

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