Brilliant Ink’s Employee Experience Survey

Our award-winning employee engagement research gives you actionable insights on improving engagement throughout the employee lifecycle. The following 10 findings are a sneak preview to get you started on the path towards a better employee experience.  Trust us, your employees will thank you.


1. Recognize employee engagement starts before day one

  • 82% of employees visit a company website when job hunting
  • Only 32% find the information valuable

2. Create accurate first impressions

  • 89% say the interview process made them excited about working for their company
  • 23% felt misled by it — and those who did are more likely to be disengaged


Make the first day meaningful

3. Best practices for conducting employee engagement research and surveys

  • 92% feel welcomed, but 43% say their first day on the job was disorganized or confusing
  • Negative first day experiences = lower engagement

4. Acclimate employees to the company AND their specific job

  • Only 29% of employees who participate in orientation learn about their specific job during the session
  • Those who DO, rate it the most valuable aspect

5. When onboarding, keep in mind: one size does not fit all

  • 47% prefer to get a big work assignment right away
  • 53% prefer to take the first three months to learn the ropes


6. Update employees on what’s happening throughout the company – especially in times of change

  • 95% want to be kept up-to-date about the company’s business strategy, including corporate and financial issues

7. Connect the dots between your company strategy, mission and employees’ daily work

  • 39% say managers have not connected their work to company strategy in the last 6 months
  • Linking company strategy & day-to-day work = higher engagement

8. Recognize and reward your people’s hard work

  • 90% of engaged employees believe that they will be recognized if and when they contribute to the organization’s success, vs. a staggering 8% of disengaged employees


9. Show employees a clear path to success from the beginning

  • 40% of employees aren’t discussing career paths during performance reviews
  • Seeing a clear career path and discussing it at key points during employment = higher engagement

10. Use – and build on – their strengths

  • 95% of the most engaged employees agree that their job allows them to utilize their strengths on a day-to-day basis vs. just 33% of disengaged employees

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