The Journey Starts Here



When we think of employee engagement, there’s no more critical touch point than the first day on the job, followed closely by the first 90 days. AAA recognized the opportunity for higher levels of engagement, so when they were ready to build a best-in-class orientation and onboarding experience that inspires its employees and reinforces key learnings, they turned to us.

We approached the challenge in phases:

  • We began with discovery to fully understand the existing process for new hires – uncovering findings that would serve as a foundation to address the specific needs of AAA employees
  • Next, we identified opportunities to transform the orientation and onboarding experience:
  • Tools and guidelines to empower managers
  • Creative programs to reinforce cultural integration
  • New ways to package high-level company information, seamlessly integrated with job-specific details
  • Metrics to track success!
  • After securing buy-in from a number of stakeholders within the company, we built a roadmap and action plan that would guide AAA through its orientation & onboarding refresh

Armed with a strategy firmly rooted in research and resources to make the plan come alive, AAA is poised for success!