A Brilliant Approach to Assessing & Planning Your Employee Experience

Set your employee experience initiatives up for success: Spend the time to carefully assess and plan.

While it’s widely accepted that employee engagement is a key driver of organizational performance, its definition can vary depending on the source – and even the most accurate measure of employee engagement can be difficult to translate into action. So where do you start when trying to approach such a big – and potentially vague – subject?

The solution? Before you do anything else, take time to really understand the current situation, and use that information to think through how best to approach your employee engagement challenges.

This white paper will provide you with best practices for the most effective approaches to assessing the current state of your employee experience (because, after all – one size does not fit all when it comes to research!)

  • Best practices for conducting employee engagement research and surveys
  • How to compare yourself with other employee experience benchmarks
  • Supplementing your quantitative data with qualitative by conducting employee focus groups & interviews
  • Cleaning house: the basics of performing internal communications audits

Last, we’ll show you how to put it all together and translate those findings into action items.

Ready to get started? Download your copy now!