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As a communicator, you didn’t sign up to be a data analyst. And with all the other hats you’re wearing, we know it can be overwhelming.

Feeling Survey-Stressed? We Get It.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of communicators on all sorts of communication challenges, including the often-overwhelming employee survey. We often hear about:

😵 Complexity Concerns?
You know what you want to learn but aren’t sure if your survey is designed to uncover the right insights. Are you asking the right questions? Are they clearly worded? Will all of this lead to the data you need?

😵 Analysis Paralysis?
You dive into a sea of data and often find yourself adrift in numbers and comments. Making sense of the noise to find meaningful insights can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

😵 Action Anxiety?
Post-survey, the pressure is on for you to convert responses into meaningful organizational changes. Leadership is impatient. But how do you prioritize which steps you take?

😵 Presentation Pressure?
This is your moment: You need to present your findings to leadership in a way that compels and convinces. Yet, creating a persuasive presentation in PowerPoint or Google Slides can be as daunting as the data analysis itself.

How We Ease Your Survey Stress: 

That's where Brilliant Ink comes in. We're not just about numbers and questions; we're about people – understanding them, engaging them, and inspiring action through their stories.

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Brilliant support for brilliant communicators:

✅ Survey Design or Review
Whether you’re surveying communications preferences or engagement, we know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. That’s why we partner with you to design a customized survey that reflects your people's unique experiences.

✅  Survey Data Analysis
Our deep dive into your results will turn complex numbers into digestible, actionable learnings and takeaways. You’ll get the big picture as well as audience-specific insights.

✅  Survey Data Storytelling
We deliver so much more than a findings report – we’ll bring your data to life through stories to build a compelling business case based on data-backed insights.

✅  Practical Recommendations and Prioritization
After breaking down your survey data into clear insights, we don't stop there. We translate your data into actionable recommendations – and determine together how to prioritize and plan your next steps for high-impact change.

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Meet Your Employee Research Experts

Looking to better understand employee engagement, internal communications, onboarding, meeting effectiveness, or anything else on your mind?

The Brilliant Ink Research Team will help you take your survey to the next level.

Jackie Berg, Head of Research & Business Development

Visual problem-solver. Researcher. Numbers nerd. PowerPoint pro. Excel enthusiast. Alliteration all-star.

After nearly a decade of helping Fortune 500 companies connect more effectively with key audiences through data-driven marketing and advertising, Jackie has turned her analytical eye toward employee experience.

Using data to bridge the gap between employee engagement and business results, Jackie and Becky partner with our clients to craft custom measurement strategies, tell powerful data stories, and adopt a data-driven approach to their internal initiatives. Jackie also celebrates chip o’clock each day between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. ET. 🍪 

Becky Sennett, Vice President of Research

Employee research seeker. Trend spotter. Comms lifer. Writer. Aspiring Excel aficionado.

With more than 15 years of communications expertise including internal communications, PR, and event marketing, Becky's worn many hats when it comes to strategy and execution.

Becky recognizes the breadth of responsibility that communicators carry. She’s a firm believer in research and measurement as cornerstones of any internal communications strategy. Whether it’s listening to employees through surveys or focus groups or analyzing the usage of communications channels, she partners with companies of all shapes and sizes to elevate their employees’ experiences at work.


Internal comms pros are our favorite kinds of people – we share your passion and we understand your challenges.

A few of our brilliant clients:

What Our Brilliant Partners Say

“Incredible collaborator and an absolute delight to work with. If you want to do transformative work that raises the bar — do not miss the opportunity to work with Jackie Berg.

Our industry-changing, GoldQuill Award-Winning, Annual Internal Comms Salary Study and Report is bringing real, practical positive change to the lives of internal comms folks while influencing and elevating an entire industry.”

- Kyla Sims, Formerly Staffbase Principal Audience Engagement Manager

“Brilliant Ink has the best Research Team in our industry. I love and read EVERYTHING they produce.”

- Carolyn Clark, VP, Communications and Employee Experience, Simpplr

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