5 Essential Steps To Prepare Your Organization for AI

July 3, 2024

At this point, we can all see how quickly Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we work, and I believe internal communicators have a major role to play in supporting our organizations during this seismic shift. From embracing AI technology to helping with day-to-day communications tasks to adapting the entire organizational culture, AI presents a major opportunity for internal comms (IC) to make a meaningful difference.

Here are some ways communicators can rise to the occasion.

Tip 1: Foster a Curious Culture Around AI

An AI-friendly organization thrives on innovation, curiosity and adaptability.

  • Use your role in IC to cultivate a culture that values continuous learning, celebrates experimentation and is open to technological changes.
  • Provide platforms where employees can share ideas and voice concerns about AI implementation.
  • Encourage a mindset that embraces change and innovation, making your organization more resilient and agile.
  • Incorporate AI into daily workflows to build a strong AI habit within your organization.
  • Encourage teams to consider how AI can help with both significant tasks and simple, everyday activities.

This regular exploration of AI tools will help employees see the value of AI and make them more likely to adopt it in more meaningful ways. Looking for more AI tools that might make your life easier? Our blog post on AI tools for communicators is for you.

Tip 2: Bridge the AI Skills Gap

AI technology requires specific skills and knowledge. Partner with HR to identify the key competencies your team needs to use AI effectively and invest in targeted training. Use a mix of in-house training sessions and external courses to ensure your staff is well-equipped to work with AI. Continuous training is crucial, and offering various formats—live sessions, self-guided courses, and interactive demos—will cater to different learning preferences.

Tip 3: Anticipate Legal and Ethical Challenges

AI brings a host of legal and ethical considerations. While it's important to stay informed about the regulatory landscape and ethical implications of AI in your industry, it's even MORE important to develop policies that uphold ethical standards. This is another moment where internal communicators can shine—who better to help build policies around compliant AI usage, and ensure that message is understood across the org? Addressing these challenges proactively will help employees adopt safe practices from the start, and safeguard your organization against any potential legal and reputational risks.

Tip 4: Prioritize High-Impact Areas of The Org

One common mistake as organizations try to embrace AI technology is taking an overly broad approach. Trying to transform the way an entire organization works, all at once, is no easy task. Instead, work with leaders to target and prioritize those departments that would benefit most from AI first. These might be roles and departments that have very repetitive tasks. You can help leaders identify the areas in your organization where AI can deliver the most immediate benefits and start there. This targeted approach will yield results more quickly, demonstrating the value of AI and encouraging broader adoption.

Tip 5: Identify and Empower Internal AI Champions

Internal champions are crucial for driving AI adoption. These individuals, who are enthusiastic about AI and willing to experiment, can inspire and help train their peers. Look for people with natural leadership abilities who can simplify complex concepts and motivate others. Spotlight them in your communications, invite them to host lunch-n-learn sessions with colleagues, bring together an AI council consisting of champions from different departments to share insights, discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions.

Conclusion: Ready to Embrace AI?

Integrating AI into your organization is a complex but rewarding journey. Still feeling overwhelmed? Stay up on the latest-and-greatest AI news by monitoring what's working well for other organizations. Check out Brilliant Ink's AI Resource Center, which is chock full of reading materials to help you prepare.

I'm curious to hear from our readers, what are YOU doing to help your organizations make the most of the AI revolution? Join the conversation with me on LinkedIn to share your thoughts.

Ann Melinger

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