How to Audit Your Internal Communications to Reach Your People

We need to take stock and reimagine our internal communication channels for the new world of work. Here's your guide to doing it brilliantly.

We’ve all been there. You get excited about a new app, an exec wants their own podcast, or your peer plans to spin off six newsletters for their stakeholders. It all sounds great and exciting until you realize you’re competing for the same audience and spreading your team way too thin. Yikes!  

So how do you strike the right balance between compelling channels that inform and engage with not overloading your audiences and your team? This white paper will share strategies to assess your channels, clearly define their use cases and plan for shiny-thing syndrome. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Tips on how to capture all the communication channels at your organization
  • Detailed advice on how to evaluate your channels and the type of research we recommend
  • Templates and guidance to help you identify and map your channels PLUS plan your audit
  • Best practices on preparing for the future
If now is the time to evaluate your channel landscape and create a holistic and sustainable plan (Hint: It totally is!), download our toolkit today.