Time to Get Personal! Building Employee Personas

Your communications can’t be everything to everyone.
But as communicators we’re often challenged to build communications that resonate with ALL employees.
That’s where Employee Personas come in.

No matter how hard we try, communications can’t be everything to everyone. Inside every organization, there are groups of employees who process and react to communications differently. But if you’re spending a lot of time on all-employee communications, they can end up watered down and uninspired. There’s a better way—we promise.

Personas have been used in the marketing world for years to better understand and respond to customer attitudes and buying behaviors, but they are just as useful for internal communications!

This white paper will deliver tips and tools to help you build personas that accurately reflect your audience segments AND their sentiments. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Techniques for learning more about your employee audiences vs. operating off assumptions.
  • Tips to help you develop personas for your organization.
  • Strategies for using employee personas to better understand your audiences, target your messages and ensure your communications resonate with the people who need to hear them most.
  • Templates to help you get started on building your own personas!

Ready to get personal with personas?

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