22 Conferences for Internal Communications in 2024 (In-Person & Virtual)

January 17, 2024

It's an exciting time for internal communicators! This year is looking great for networking and learning from leaders in our field. We've got a fantastic lineup of events perfect for internal communicators, HR folks and anyone in people operations. These events are your go-to for staying on top of the latest in corporate communication, whether they're in person or online.

But wait, is there an event we've missed? Let us know which HR, employee experience, or internal comms conferences you're looking forward to this year. We're all ears and ready to add your favorites to our list.  

Let’s dive in.

1. Ragan’s Employee Communications 101 Virtual Conference

📅 WHEN: January 25
📍WHERE: Virtual
 For those who steer the ship of internal communications, this virtual conference is a must. It’s designed to enhance your knowledge on what makes internal comms tick. Expect to dive into how to get the most out of intranets, newsletters, and leverage thought leadership. Plus, it's an exceptional opportunity to hear about best practices for soliciting and implementing employee feedback. This workshop is a goldmine for insights that can transform the way you communicate with your most valuable asset—your employees.

2. ALI 11th Annual Strategic Internal Communications – West

📅 WHEN: January 30 – February 1
📍WHERE: San Francisco
Join a community of peers in sunny San Francisco for three days of deep-dive discussions into the evolving world of internal communications. This is where you'll learn to navigate new channels and technologies to craft personalized employee experiences. Expect to leave with action-ready strategies for engaging distributed workforces and integrating change management principles into your comms. Diversity, culture, and transparent messaging will be key themes and crucial for anyone dedicated to building genuine connections within their company.

3. The Internal Communications Virtual Summit 2024

📅 WHEN: February 28 – 29
📍WHERE: Virtual
The Internal Communications Virtual Summit 2024 is designed for IC professionals who want to enhance their communication strategies and employee engagement tactics. This online event will spotlight cutting-edge research and transformative practices. Attendees will leave with actionable insights that help them strengthen their organization's communication. Brilliant Ink’s CEO, Ann Melinger, will be speaking at this event — catch her there!

4. Corporate Communications: Getting the Job Done

📅 WHEN: February 29 – March 1
📍WHERE: New York, NY
Senior-level communicators and their teams will find this conference invaluable. It's all about executing effective organization-wide communications, with a spotlight on overcoming today's challenges. The event is rich with concrete strategies, with the added bonus of intimate group discussions that foster innovative thinking and solution-sharing. This is your chance to collect new insights and tactics to elevate your communication strategy in 2024.

5. Next Generation Digital Workplaces for the New World of Work

📅 WHEN: March 20 – March 22
📍WHERE: Long Beach, CA
This is the go-to conference for professionals who want to simplify the digital transformation in their companies. Here, you'll gain insights into how to make your team more dynamic, encourage teamwork, and improve employee interactions using smart intranet solutions. Learn about all the latest in digital while networking with other tech-savvy and tech-curious communicators.

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6. Ragan’s Employee Communications & Culture ConferencE

📅 WHEN: April 16 – April 18
📍WHERE: Chicago, IL
Whether you're navigating office, home, or hybrid environments, this conference offers a treasure trove of practical ideas. From change communications to fostering interdepartmental collaboration and crafting engaging content, the sessions are interactive and the keynotes inspirational. It's an excellent networking venue that’s all about creating a more vibrant and connected workplace.

7. Engage '24

📅 WHEN: April 24
📍WHERE: Virtual
Jumpstart your organization’s productivity and connectivity with Engage ’24. This free virtual event by Poppulo connects you with global experts in IC, HR, and IT to explore cutting-edge communication strategies. Expect insightful panels, deep dives into analytics, and AI innovations.

8. Engage Employee – Employee Engagement Summit

📅 WHEN: May 1
📍WHERE: London
This summit is crucial for those who recognize that engaged employees are the cornerstone of organizational success. You'll explore purpose-driven engagement strategies and see how culture, collaboration, and leadership support high-performing teams. Case studies, interviews, and panels will provide a comprehensive view of employee engagement in action.

9. UNLEASH America

📅 WHEN: May 7 – May 9
📍WHERE: London
UNLEASH America is a melting pot of HR innovation and expertise. Here, the focus is on how HR and internal communication professionals can revolutionize organizations. This festival-like event is perfect for discovering inspirational stories and the latest in HR technology and innovation.

10. Staffbase’s VOICES

📅 WHEN: May 16
📍WHERE: Virtual
VOICES is at the forefront for those eager to amplify the impact of internal communications. This virtual gathering is convenient, cost-free, and comprehensive, making it accessible to a wide audience. Learn from peers and thought leaders on how to take your internal comms to the next level from wherever you are.

11-13. All Things IC Live (Three Events)

📅 WHEN: May 16; September 10; December 10
📍WHERE: London
All Things IC Live is a mastermind event designed for internal communicators led by Rachel Miller, an internationally recognized IC expert. The Mastermind format is perfect for discussing and solving your comms conundrums. You'll be able to ask any questions and share ideas or inspiration.

14. PRSA’s Connect AI: Navigating the Future of IC in an AI World

📅 WHEN: May 15 – 17
📍WHERE: Atlanta, GA
Connect AI is the essential conference for those in internal communications looking to understand the future impact of artificial intelligence on the industry. Attendees will have the chance to network with industry peers, participate in discussions, and discover how AI can enhance their communication strategies. It's an excellent opportunity for professionals who want to stay informed about the latest technological advancements and ensure their IC practices remain relevant and effective.

15. simplyIC – specifICally comms

📅 WHEN: May 20 – 21
📍WHERE: London
Dive into the heart of internal communication at simplyIC, where you'll gain access to best practices and real-world case studies. Located in the stunning St. Paul’s venues, this two-day event promises a tailored experience with three distinct programs. It’s an unmissable opportunity for internal communicators to absorb industry insights, keep abreast of the latest tech to enhance the employee experience, and network with peers.

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16. Future of Work Conference (USA)

📅 WHEN: June 3 – 4
📍WHERE: New York
At the Future of Work USA Event, internal communicators will discover the latest trends and strategies that shape the modern workforce. This event covers the gamut from HR roles to Workplace Transformation and HR Technology. With a focus on culture, DEI, and employee engagement, this is the place to be for forward-thinking strategies and networking.

17. Institute of Internal Communication Festival

📅 WHEN: June 12 – 13
📍WHERE: Hertfordshire, UK
Join the IoIC Festival to connect and glean fresh insights from leading-edge thinkers. Set in the picturesque Hertfordshire countryside, this event promises interactive sessions and networking, offering internal communicators a chance to customize their learning and connect with like-minded professionals.

18. Employee Experience Summit

📅 WHEN: June 18 – 19
📍WHERE: Toronto + Virtual
The 7th Annual Employee Experience Summit is where Canada's top HR leaders converge. Learn to prioritize employee well-being and inclusivity from over 40 HR executives. This summit offers a blend of in-person and virtual sessions, perfect for those looking to network with leading businesses and absorb new strategies.

19. International Association of Business Communicators World Conference 2024

📅 WHEN: June 23 – 26
📍WHERE: Chicago, IL
This year’s theme, “Communication Creates,” promises to celebrate the transformative power of communication as a catalyst for discovery, opportunity, and limitless potential. Mirroring the structure of the previous year, the conference will host around 30 concurrent sessions. Each session will be designed to boost creation and showcase breakthroughs in communication practice. Whether you're looking to absorb the latest industry knowledge, share your expertise, or ignite new ideas, IABC World Conference 2024 is a good option.

20. PRWeek Crisis Communications Summit

📅 WHEN: June 2024
PRWeek Crisis Communication Conference 2024 is set to be a valuable experience for internal communication professionals looking to deepen their understanding of crisis communication strategies. It's a space to learn and network, where you can pick up practical advice on enhancing your organization's crisis preparedness and resilience. With opportunities to hear from industry leaders and to work on your crisis communication tactics, this conference is a worthwhile visit for those looking to stay informed and equipped in the dynamic field of crisis management.

21. Advanced Learning Institute’s 11th Annual Strategic Internal Communications — East

📅 WHEN: July 16 – 18
📍WHERE: Boston
Set in Boston, this conference is a hub for global communication professionals to discuss trends and best practices. It’s geared towards those looking to hone their internal communication strategies through case studies, discussions, and workshops, focusing on creating a culture of connection and engagement.

22. Engage Employee – The Future of Work

📅 WHEN: October 9
📍WHERE: London
As we step into an era where millennials and digital natives are becoming the majority in the workforce, this conference will explore how these shifts impact the way organizations interact with their people and customers. It's an opportune moment to understand the implications of these changes and to share insights on how to adapt and thrive in the new, technologically-advanced workplace. This gathering is for those who want to stay ahead of the curve in organizational culture and employee engagement in the face of rapid change.

Network, Learn, Lead

2024 stands out as a year to grow as a communicator, stay sharp with industry trends, and network like never before. Every conference is your ticket to becoming a better communicator — packed with insights, connections, and real-world skills.

Remember, it's these gatherings that help keep us up-to-date on our industry. So, dive in, network, and bring back the best information to your teams. And if you need dedicated support, our team of internal comms pros is only one message away.

Did we miss any events? Let us know!  

Here's to a year of learning and connecting – let's make it count.

Danni Thaw

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