Countdown to a Brilliant 2018

December 21, 2017
With only a few days left ‘til we ring in the new year, we’d thought we’d end 2017 in style with some Brilliant Ink fun facts! 10 -  Brilliant and passionate Our team has grown this year—both personally and professionally. Outside of our core team of 10 Inkies, we have an ever-growing extended family of consultants, designers, strategists and more who are always adding to our brilliance.   9 - Brilliant years in business Founded in 2008, Brilliant Ink got its start as a writing and internal communications business. We’ve evolved into a full-service employee experience powerhouse, helping our clients and partners find meaning in the moments across the entire employee lifecycle.   8 – x1000 cups of coffee These are probably rookie numbers. But the truth is that this nectar of the Gods fuels our work. (Fun fact: each new hire gets a special coffee mug.)   7 – Chickens and goats that were scared during our annual retreat Every year, our team comes together for three days to connect and reflect on the amazing work we get to do. This year, the retreat was held at Toluma Farms, a goat milk farm in Marin, California. Note: no animals were harmed while honing our brilliance.   6 – Brilliant Ink family pets With a team who works mostly at home, we must thank our furry family members for their love, slobber and wagging tails.   5 – States we call home In California’s Bay Area is where Brilliant Ink started and is the home to four of us. In New York, are two Broadway aficionados, including our “Hamilton” super fan CEO. In New Jersey, we’ll soon have two – with our Vice President moving there right now! Further down the coast, are two lovely ladies in the hills of Charlotte, North Carolina. Finally, in Wisconsin, is the home of our partners at Sprig Studios.   4 – New full-time hires Increasing by nearly 50%, 2017 was a big year for us! We added three amazing full-time client strategists and one remarkable manager of client services.   3 – x50,000 Slack messages sent We’re obsessed with Slack. Obsessed. Hands down, this tool is amazing for internal communication and has 100% changed how we work.   2 – Coasts Being bi-coastal is pretty rad. Even though we’re nearly 3,000 miles apart, we get to partner together to support both of our Bay Area and our New York/ East Coast clients.   1 – Brilliant Ink New opportunities, new hires and new adventures await us in 2018! We hope you’ll join us!     Happy nearly 2018 from all of us!
Bethany Shepard

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