Employee Experience Series- The Job Hunt

July 10, 2013
Time to kick off our Employee Experience blog series! For the next six months, the Brilliant Blog will feature posts that correspond to each of the six research areas from our award-winning Employee Experience survey. This week we’ll dive right into the series by discussing the job hunt, and what employers can do to foster employee engagement early in the hiring process. It’s easy to overlook the fact that engagement is deeply tied to the job hunt process. According to our research, the first step to improving the employee experience is recognizing that employee engagement starts before the first day that your new hire sets foot in the office. In this day and age, this is most clearly seen in the form of online research; a whopping 82% of job applicants scope out an organization’s website to get a better feel of business aims and company culture. However, only 32% find the information presented to them as being helpful. Your website is your introduction to potential new employees, and you know what they say about never getting a second chance to make a first impression! Think about your career page with the following in mind:
  • Most importantly, is it current? Are the “openings” listed still available?
  • Do you provide thorough job descriptions? This helps ensure that you get qualified applicants.
  • Are the necessary application steps clear and easy to understand?
  • In addition to listing roles and responsibilities, do you describe what the new hire will get out of the job?
  • Does the writing convey a sense of professionalism as well as showcase your company’s voice and personality?
For more tips on the hiring process, check out this post by recruiting expert Angee Linsey and this post by our former intern Jackie. Don’t forget to come back next week for our next post in the series. We’ll be tackling the hiring process, so stay tuned!
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