Five ways to wow employees with infographics

August 31, 2012

We’ve been big fans of infographics for a while now at Brilliant Ink (check out our Pinterest board on information design for proof), and we get particularly excited about their possibilities as a tool for employee engagement. If you haven’t yet thought about harnessing the power of infographics internally, here are five ideas to get you started (and a few more in this previous blog post):

  • Celebrate anniversaries or milestones a little differently. In honor of their 20th anniversary, we recently helped Cord Blood Registry create this infographic to illustrate key moments in the company’s history, plus show the growth and advancement of the cord blood banking industry as a whole. Another company you’ve probably heard a lot about lately, airbnb, used an infographic to display their explosive growth. While these infographics were designed to share with the general public, they’re also an excellent way to help employees understand and celebrate major milestones – imagine these decorating the halls of your workplace and you’ve got the idea.

  • Put a twist on educating employees. Another Brilliant Ink client, NVIDIA, wanted an eye-catching way to showcase the company’s global citizenship efforts. We partnered with them to develop Global Citizenship by the Numbers, an infographic highlighting the social impact of their graphics processing unit (GPU) as well as the company’s environmental and community initiatives. The employee-focused infographic also included links directly to the company’s 2012 Global Citizenship Report where employees could learn more of the details behind the numbers.

  • Give field sales employees something they can really use. Are your field employees tired of the same, old materials they use to present to customers? What about arming them with something more engaging that will help them close the deal?

  • Offer context around your industry. It’s challenging to find time to stop and think about some of the broader trends that your business faces. Well-designed infographics have the power to boil down complex topics and illustrate themes that really stand out at a glance. Here’s one that caught our eye for HR professionals: How Gen Y is Changing HR Departments.

  • Spark ideas. As leaders, you’re always keen on helping your team brainstorm new, creative ideas and stories (and are probably on the lookout for ideas yourself). We particularly like this one: 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content.

Have you considered using infographics internally? If you need help, you know who to call. If you have a favorite infographic, let us know! We may add it to our Pinterest board.

Alison Harrison

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