Give Thanks - 2017

November 22, 2017
It's that time of year again. And boy, we couldn't be happier. Here's what our lovely Brilliant Ink family is thankful for this year: 


Besides all that I’m thankful for every SINGLE day (my family, my health, a job I love), this year I’m especially thankful for…
  • Amazing TV to binge watch (currently loving Stranger Things 2, Atlanta, The Affair).
  • My handy dandy new egg boiler,
  • An incredible season of Broadway shows (Dear Evan Hansen, The Band’s Visit, Hello Dolly – counting down to Harry Potter and Frozen!),
  • The chance to have not one but TWO Thanksgiving dinners with my family (neither requiring me to get on a plane!).
  • Last but CERTAINLY not least… a team of Inkies who surprise me daily with their brilliance! So thankful!


I'm thankful for...
  • My energetic, hilarious and fun-loving boys.
  • My growing baby bump and the impending arrival of my little lady.
  • My husband– the best partner and father I could ever imagine. 
  • Our incredible team who inspires me every day.
  • Living in beautiful Northern California.
  • Pumpkin pie.


I couldn’t be more grateful for my brand spankin’ new husband!  


I'm thankful for...
  • Friends, family, and the Brilliant Inkies. 
  • My dog. 
  • Lint removers for dog fur. 
  • The Alarmy® alarm clock app.
  • Time zones.
  • Panera Bread.


I'm thankful for...
  • Being a part of a team of strong and brilliant women.
  • Being able to bring my whole (nerdy) self to work.
  • Having an amazing work / life balance.
  • Working with clients that my Midwest self could have only dreamed about.
  • Learning something new every day.
  • Being a part of a strong community of nerdy gamers who also love the outdoors.
  • Living in California where I can choose the beach, the city, the mountains, or the forest.
  • Just loving my life how it is and loving who I am right now. 


I’m thankful for good health, loyal friendships, Patsy Cline, Brilliant Ink women, and the gentle reminder that when the going gets tough, ‘this too shall pass.’  


I’m thankful for my loving family, amazing friends, inspiring co-workers, and for bacon wrapped turkey with a side of chopped bacon brussels sprouts and maple bacon... I’m really thankful for bacon. I’m also thankful we live in a society where I can be a vegetarian and still enjoy bacon on Thanksgiving!


I’m thankful for my family and friends, puppy snuggles, warm jackets, holiday cheer, my wonderful husband and my effervescent daughter.


I’m thankful for my husband and two amazing daughters who remind me each day what matters most in life (dance parties and frozen yogurt, obviously!), for Shonda Rhimes and Thursday nights, for the unparalleled fresh air and blue skies of the Sierra Nevadas, for long trail runs with my dog, for Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews collaborations, and for the opportunity to work with such an incredible team of optimistic over-achievers each day!


I'm thankful for waking up every morning excited, happy, and ready to start my day. Thanks to Pure Barre for keeping me calm, my boyfriend for supplying me with endless love and truffle potato chips, my mom for always being there for me, and for my friends who still remember to text me even though I live in another state. But mostly, I'm thankful for giving and receiving love.    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Cheers to full bellies and hearts. May your holiday season commence peacefully. 

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