Make Your Candidates Fall in Love: Tips for a Stellar Interview

October 27, 2017
  We all know how important first impressions are, right? My first impression of Brilliant Ink has been stellar. I am new to the field, and wanted to share an observation I had on the world of internal communications and the employee experience – especially as someone who’s just gone through the interview and hiring process.   It seems that the relationship you have with your job, boss, peers, and office life plays a huge role in how happy you are at work and in life (especially for millennials). Brilliant Ink's mission reminded me of the movie, Hitch. If you're not familiar, the movie is about a "date doctor" who preps men for first dates and educates them on the basic principles of life–smile, listen, ask questions, be nice.   These are basic life principles that the Date Doctor prescribes to his clients. They also hold true for any interviewer trying to attract and win over job candidates. After all, interviewing is a whole lot like dating – and finding the perfect candidate can feel like meeting the love of your life.   1. "About 90% of what you're saying isn't actually coming out of your mouth." The majority of communication is non-verbal. Focus on your body language and be able to read your interviewees. Be mindful of what message you're sending. Don't cross your arms or check your phone or computer, and pay attention to your tone. Basic life principles: Shake hands firmly and make eye contact. Don't forget to smile.   2. "Use what you have–if you're shy, be shy. If you're outgoing, be outgoing." You have to be honest and genuine. It will reduce turnover and the employees that you hire will be happier you didn't deceive them or give them false promises. Brilliant Ink CEO Ann Melinger does an excellent job describing why companies need to stop begging their candidates. Every job is not one-size-fits-all. Basic life principles: Be honest and don't tell them what you think they want to hear.   3. "It's now your job not to mess it up." Any interviewer has the ability to sweep a candidate off their feet. People don't normally go into a job interview expecting to hate the job or office life. Remember, you got them in the door when they could have declined the interview. They're already interested, so it's not your job to get them to fall for you anymore. Basic life principles: Stay calm, cool, and collected. And always have a pen handy.   4. "Listen to them and don't stare at their mouth when they're speaking." Begin by asking the right questions. Focus on what they are saying and be able to respond efficiently and succinctly. You want to have an open dialogue and you want it to feel natural and not forced. Basic life principles: Listen and respond thoughtfully.   5. "The key is to hang back and give them some space." Don't crowd them. You don't want to come on too strongly and be too aggressive. Remember that they are more nervous than you are in this situation. You give 90% and make them come to you for that last 10% of effort. In other words, inspire them. Basic life principle: No one likes neediness.

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