Millennial series: the job hunt

March 26, 2013
What does it take to catch a millennial job hunter’s eye? A killer career page. According to the Employee Experience Survey, a research study surveying hundreds of Fortune 1,000 professionals, millennial job seekers are roughly 20% more likely to check out your website’s career page than employees of other age groups.So what does it mean to have a killer career page? Brilliant Ink recently completed its first Test Kitchen Project on what a great career page looks like. After researching dozens of great career pages before creating our own, we came up with this list of lessons we’d like to share:

  • Keep navigation simple and intuitive. Career pages with too many layers and redundant resources signal to millennial job seekers that your company culture is probably just as confusing and non-user-friendly as the site itself.

  • Try interactive designs – if you have the budget. Job seekers love Choose Your Own Adventure-themed career pages. If you have the resources to make it happen, this is a great way to enhance your site.

  • Make it easy to find openings and respond. One-pager career pages are boring, but pages cluttered with too much multimedia can also be daunting. Find the balance between fun and fine print!

  • Give your employee testimonials an honest voice. Let your employees’ true personality shine through. Job seekers already know that real people work at your company – what they care about is whether or not you allow those real people to be themselves.

  • Your career page should look similar to your main website. Want to be buttoned-up for customers but fun for prospective employees? Great – but at least keep the colors scheme similar. Consistency is a signal of authenticity.

  • Consider multimedia that doesn’t require flash. If you’ve been anywhere close to a college campus recently, you will have noticed a lot of Apple products. It is very bothersome to have to leave Safari to watch a video.

  • Avoid tedious online application processes. We’ve all filled out those online application forms that make us feel like numbers before we ever set foot inside cubicle – avoid them if you can.

  • Respond swiftly to questions and applications. It is incredibly disheartening to know that your efforts are going into the big black hole. Even if your response is “this role is no longer open,” job seekers will keep you in mind for the future, because you actually responded.
Brilliant Ink

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