Peace Out

September 1, 2015
Today is my 40th birthday. It's a milestone I assumed I'd dread - I remember thinking in my high school years that I may as well be dead at this point. How could anything interesting happen when you're so old?! I'm exceptionally glad (and not terribly surprised) that my younger self turned out to be clueless. Life seems to get more interesting the older I get, and I hope this continues for a long, long time. But reaching a milestone like 40 is a great time to take stock of where I've been, where I am, and where I am hoping to go. For the last seven years, I've been on the ride of my life, known as my company, Brilliant Ink. It's meant so much to me - it's been my first child, my professional training ground, a place to meet my fears head on, fulfill my purpose and make so many of my dreams come true. But sooner or later, we all face the desire for change, and for me, that time is now. At the end of this month, I will be officially retiring from Brilliant Ink. Why? Simply put, I'm ready to walk a different path. There's no juicy rehab story, no looming health crisis, no family tragedy or financial demise, thank goodness - just a desire to try something new. It's also time for Brilliant Ink to start a new chapter, which is why I'm so excited that Ann Melinger will be taking over the company beginning October 1. Ann and I have worked together in various capacities for more than 11 years, and she has been a part of Brilliant Ink since our first day. As a member of Brilliant Ink's management team, she's also been actively involved in directing our operations, business development and overall strategy for the last two years. Without a doubt, she is the perfect person to lead Brilliant Ink to the next level, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her and all of the amazing members of this team. I will confess that the end is a little bittersweet. I have loved every minute of the time I've spent with my team and our clients, which has made this decision doubly hard for me. Then again, I'm learning that embracing a life of contradiction is perhaps the most authentic way to live. Yes, it is possible to love your job, your team and your work fully, and also desire a new direction. I'm living proof. If you're wondering what I'll be doing next, so am I! While most retirees take up golf, I'm planning to spend the next few months doing lots of yoga, spending time with my family and plotting my next big move. When I figure it out, I'll be happy to share it with you if you're interested. In the meantime, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to anyone and everyone who has been part of the Brilliant Ink circle for the last seven years - whether as an employee, client, partner or one of our many cheerleaders. You've touched my life in so many ways, and I'll always be grateful. I hope you'll join me in congratulating Ann on her new role, and in cheering on Brilliant Ink as they continue to create better employee experiences for companies around the country. Knock 'em dead, ladies. I know you will. To everyone else, please stay in touch. With deep gratitude, Liz
Liz Kelly

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