4 Peer-to-Peer Recognition Programs We Love

June 8, 2018

60% of companies fund at least four to six different types of recognition programs. While this is a promising statistic, I wonder how many of those programs are peer-to-peer recognition programs. Does it matter if you have a peer-to-peer recognition program? The short answer is yes. 

Peer-to-peer recognition programs uncover wins that a manager might not see, cultivate a more transparent culture, and encourage team work. Oftentimes sending kudos to a peer comes as a surprise which brings delight to your 9-to-5.   

Here are some of our favorite peer-to-peer recognition programs. (Many of them are free!) 

1. SnackNation

At Snacknation, “crushing” someone is a very good thing. The company has a weekly “Crush It” call, and colleagues shout out the person they want to “crush” and why. SnackNation certainly gets bonus points for the creative name!

2. JetBlue 

Specifically geared toward crew members, JetBlue’s LIFT program recognizes the big and small ways that their people embody company values. The program is 100% online, so crew members can submit their nominations from literally anywhere. And while the program is not free (people earn gift cards up to $100), it doesn’t break the bank.  

3. Slack

Slack may be less than ten years old but they definitely deserve a kudos for their #kudos channel. Their peer-to-peer recognition is so simple and visible company-wide - teammates post a shout-out on their #kudos channel, which has since been automated to a daily round-up message – and voila. Who says newbies can’t nail it?   

4. Zappos 

Zappos doesn’t have one peer-to-peer recognition program – they have FOUR: Zollars Program, Master of WOW Parking, the CoWorker Bonus Program and the Hero Award. This variety means that there’s always a way to celebrate successes throughout the year. They even have a specific award that can only be given to a co-worker (managers aren’t eligible). What’s more peer-to-peer than that?  

Need help encouraging your colleagues to high-five one another?

We've worked with clients to develop and launch a number of recognition program and would love to help you to add a new level of gratitude and fun to your culture. Let's brainstorm!

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Kate Brinkerhoff Angus

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