Five To-Do's Before the "I Do's"

August 30, 2017
  I love weddings! I really do. From the coordinated floral arrangements to the perfectly timed food, it’s a rare opportunity to eat, drink and dance without having to lift a finger.   Almost two years ago, my childhood friend asked me to be her matron of honor. I was so excited and touched! And as I looked at my list of responsibilities and my very pregnant belly, I realized it wasn’t going to be simple.   So in honor of wedding season, here are the top five ways communication played a key part in the festivities:  
  • Organize. Planning a bachelorette weekend for 15 isn’t easy, but sharing information at regular intervals helps a lot, plus it keeps the group engaged and excited.
  • Know your audience. Sharing the basics important, but so is sharing actionable details. Sending a packing list in advance ensured everyone had their rain jackets, backpacks and just the right amount of sequins.
  • Plan ahead. On the big day, there was a momentary panic about the location of the bride’s vows. (They were in my hand, but the bride didn’t know.) Don’t underestimate the power “helping” has to throw everything off, and instead, map a plan of who needs what when.
  • Words have power. There is no better time to see the power of meaningful, honest communication than during wedding vows. The simple, humble words my pal and her husband shared in front of their family and friends had hundreds of people in happy tears.
  • Edit, people! Oh the paralyzing panic of public speaking! As anyone who’s sat through a long drunken speech can tell you, toasts are better off short. What you choose not to share is just as important as what you decide to say.
Sara Forner Howland

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