Wow your intern

June 20, 2012
My friends and I have been around the internship block. Some internships are superb, but others become horror stories for the freshmen. As Brilliant Ink’s newest student intern, allow me to shed some light on what internships make us sing about our employers.We love employers who:

  • Give us worthwhile work. Nothing builds professional confidence like completing an important project from start to finish. But first, take the time to sit down with us and let us know why we are doing what you ask us to do. Interns want to create value for you and for themselves. If we are bragging to friends about the Excel tool we made or how much money we raked in for the company, then we think that our time with you is well spent.

  • Throw us curveballs. On purpose. We’re full of energy, enthusiasm, and thrive on a challenge. We want to show you that we can handle anything you throw at us.

  • Focus on our future. Leave us with something for the future – new skills, resume candy, or an offer for a full-time position. The more the internship propels us down our career path, the better.

  • Communicate clearly and explicitly. Like a meeting without an agenda, an internship without explicit expectations runs the risk of confusion and frustration. Share your expectations with us. What time do we need to show up? Is checking the occasional text message acceptable? Do you wish we’d do this or that differently?

  • Include us! In your meetings and your fun. It is so gratifying to know that our opinions matter. It is also great to socialize and become friends with colleagues. Treat us like one of your own, not like a temporary guest, please!

I know that many of you already have some pretty fab internship programs. Thank you! We appreciate it more than you may know – and rest assured that we have gone home and raved about you to our friends. Lots of smart, enthusiastic students will be vying for spots in your internship programs next year. Â

Alison Harrison

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