Civic Engagement Resource Center

Brilliant Ink Believes in the Power and Privilege of Making Our Voices Heard.

Just as we advocate for employees to speak up and influence the companies in which they work, we also believe individuals and organizations have the power to push for a better, more inclusive world. And as communicators, we have the chance to help raise awareness, encourage conversation, and bring clarity to the topics that affect us all.  

Below are resources on everything from voting rights to communicating about global conflict to the fight for safe abortion access. Check back for updates as we add to the list.

[Note: Last updated October 2023]

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Resources For Political Crises, Global Conflicts and Civil Unrest


Employee Engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting Abortion Access

Voting Resources and Tools for IC & HR

Company Resources & Samples About Voting

Voting Information & Resources for Employees

Civic Engagement Opportunities