Voting & Civic Engagement Resource Center

Brilliant Ink believes in the power and privilege of voting and encourages everyone to make their voices heard.

Just as we recommend two-way communication, focus groups and surveys to give employees a voice and influence the companies in which they work, we believe in an informed electorate and their ability to influence our local and national governments to create a better world. 

And we’re not alone. We’re seeing an uptick in companies encouraging civic engagement, giving employees election day off to vote and even paying employees while volunteering at the polls. As communicators, we have a chance to help raise awareness, encourage the conversation, bring clarity to confusing processes and explain how these efforts link to our companies’ values and purpose.

Below are the resources we’re using to help ourselves and our clients through this election and beyond. Check back for updates as we add to the list.

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Key 2020 Dates

Resources and Tools for IC & HR

Employee Engagement & Corporate Responsibility

Company Resources & Samples

Information & Resources for Employees

Civic Engagement Opportunities

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