9 Careers Pages We Love

October 30, 2019

Clients often ask for us for advice on their careers pages. They want to know what’s new, what’s cool and most importantly, what’s going to resonate with candidates. 

While there are tons of different features and options to consider when building any web page, there are a few variables that we consider non-negotiable when it comes to developing a successful careers page. 

First, it needs to tell your story. Candidates want to learn about your people, your culture, your purpose, what you value, and the way you work. You can sum all of this up in your employee value proposition, which should be front and center on your careers page.   

Second, your careers page needs to showcase your job openings in a clear, consistent, yet distinguishable way. Meaning, your job descriptions should all be written in the same brand-driven style and voice, but the individual job responsibilities should be super specific to the role. 

And third, it needs to be compelling. Your goal should be to engage readers with content they reference time and again. Build a resource that draws a talent community, helps candidates prepare for interviews, and makes it easy for current employees to get referrals excited about your company. 

Here are 9 careers pages that we love because they were built with the candidate experience in mind:

1. Stripe

Stripe’s clear and honest narrative outlines exactly what they expect from their employees, and what it takes to succeed at Stripe. 

2. Harry’s

Harry’s features an authentic welcome video that gives candidates a sneak peek into the company’s culture, history, values and pretty awesome sense of humor. 

3. Salesforce

Salesforce focuses on their people and award-winning culture, and provides transparency into the hiring process. 

4. Northwell Health

With a healthy focus on company values and news, and opportunities to hear directly from Northwell’s people, candidates can quickly judge whether or not Northwell is a fit for them. 

5. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson tells a compelling story about what they do, how they hire, and what they offer through text, video and interactive graphics. 

6. Headspace

Headspace showcases videos of employees talking about how they connect to company values and what they love about working for Headspace. 

7. Airbnb

With its mission-focused value proposition, Airbnb wants candidates to view the world through their eyes, one where anyone can below anywhere. Using a minimalist approach, the page highlights the company’s core values, benefits and diversity philosophy.   

8. Netflix

In addition to sections on culture and visionary planning, Nexflix hosts a series of team-generated videos that showcase their people, events, and employee experience.  

9. HubSpot

Offers up the company’s culture code on its careers page, giving candidates a look at Hubspot’s mission, vision, values, goals, work style and employee handbook.

So remember...

However you choose to customize your careers page, remember that for potential candidates, it’s the beginning of your employee experience. Create an experience that entices, educates, and helps them decide if your company is right for them. 

Need help building a careers page that clearly conveys what makes your organization special? We’d love to partner with you

Patty Rivas

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