Company Culture Resolutions

February 12, 2018

Now that the holiday haze has worn off and we're officially into the new year, it’s a great time to look back and reflect: What were some of your proudest moments last year? Where did things go wrong? What did you learn? What can you do better this year? 

This introspection can serve you well personally and professionally. It also goes a long way organizationally. 

As HR and communications professionals, there’s no better time to direct that introspection toward your company culture. Culture isn’t a one-and-done business strategy, and as companies grow and evolve, so must their culture. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself and your peers to determine whether your culture needs some TLC in the new year:

1. Do employees understand your vision and strategy? 

Helping employees understand where you’re heading as a company and how you’ll get there is step one. Connecting that context to their individual job roles and responsibilities is how you’ll get them to come along for the ride. 

2. Are your values coming to life in meaningful ways for employees? 

Are your values backed by leadership and carried out through HR/communications programs and initiatives, or are they simply words found on your intranet, careers site and office hallways? 

If you want your values to shape the way you do business and the way you behave as an organization, they must be ingrained in your culture. 

3. Do employees feel empowered? 

Employees want to feel like they have a voice and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their role. Giving them the power to take on additional responsibility, make decisions and lead will further engage them in their jobs, increase productivity and improve overall job satisfaction. 

4. Does your team work well together? 

Does your team operate like a well-oiled machine or a bunch of disjointed individuals? Fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment will help employees develop authentic relationships and create a sense of unity as you march toward collective goals. 

So, how does your company culture fare? 

Want to make improvements but don’t know where to start? Give us a call! Want more bite-sized brilliance? Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Until then, wishing everyone a happy, healthy and successful New Year! 

Patty Rivas

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