Corporate Speak is Punishable By Death: Part 2

November 6, 2008

Drum roll, please! Here's the conclusion of the top 10 words and phrases we'd like to eliminate from all business communications materials: 6. Leverage

I'm really embarrassed to admit this, but I only recently learned that leverage is a noun, not a verb. I've seen it used almost exclusively as a verb throughout my professional career. Besides the fact that it's completely overused, your legal team might also have a problem with its use. All good reasons to avoid it. 7. Synergy

If you've ever seen the movie "In Good Company," you might have an idea of why this word made the list. I used to like synergy until I saw it used the 500th time - it's another example of a word that lost its original meaning because it's been applied to too many situations. 8. Implement

Must we always "implement changes" or "implement the strategy?" Wouldn't it be easier to "make changes" and "use the strategy?" 9. Innovative

Here's another word I once enjoyed using until every product, every company and every new idea was described as innovative. What's the least innovative thing you can do now? Call your product innovative. 10. Facilitate

I admit that I'm guilty of recently using this word. It rolls off the tongue without me even noticing it. I'm putting a stop to it now - there's absolutely nothing wrong with "leading" a meeting. Read the first five words to avoid like the plague here. If you haven't already seen it, check out this article for more truly terrible corporate-speak terms: BBC Magazine : 50 office-speak phrases you love to hate What are the corporate speak words you love to hate? Tell us about them! Corporate Speak is Punishable By Death: Part 1

Liz Kelly

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