23+ Employee Experience Statistics You Should Know in 2023

March 28, 2023

As the Vice President of Research at Brilliant Ink, I spend a lot of time reading and sharing industry reports about employee experience, communications, work trends, you name it. The workplace is constantly changing (Captain Obvious statement of the year?) so staying on top of the latest and greatest insights is critical.   

Get your stat hat on because I’ve rounded up 23+ stats I think you should know in 2023. Give me a shout if you’ve come across any other research that’s useful, mind-blowing or just makes you pause for a moment. Numbers nerds, unite!   


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Burnout, Stress and Work-Life Balance  

Burnout is widely felt, and inefficient work processes aren’t helping.  

When it comes to being satisfied with work-life balance, we spy a discrepancy between leaders and individual contributors.  

When work-life feels balanced, most employees are willing to put in some extra effort.  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

DEI professionals experienced higher attrition rates at organizations with layoffs.  

  • At the end of 2022, the attrition rate for DEI professionals was 33% at companies that underwent layoffs, compared to a 21% attrition rate for non-DEI roles. (Revelio Labs)  

There’s much more work to be done to set processes and practices in motion that support DEI. 

  • To reduce internal biases and ensure equity in employee reviews at their organizations, 53% of HR leaders indicated their companies provided manager training, 36% indicated their company is doing review calibrations, while 23% of HR leaders indicated that no formal action has been taken. (2023 Lattice State of People Strategy Report
  • 51% of tech professionals feel that their company's DEI efforts need improvement and that their contribution toward these efforts is inadequate. (2023 Built In State of DEI in Tech Report)  
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Retention & Recognition  

With retention a priority, some organizations are revisiting their employee value proposition (EVP), but not necessarily making active strides yet.  

Employees crave recognition and pay transparency.  

Read our blog to learn about peer recognition programs

Company Culture  

While flexible work improves company culture for many, some leaders can’t yet get on board.  

  • Flexible workers are 57% more likely to say their company culture has improved over the past two years compared with fully in-person workers. They cite flexible remote work policies as the #1 factor behind that improvement. (2023 Future Forum Pulse: Winter Snapshot)

Don’t underestimate the impact of modern technology on the employee experience.  

  • Employees at companies described as "technology innovators" continue to score higher on all dimensions of employee experience compared to those at "technology laggards." (2023 Future Forum Pulse: Winter Snapshot)
    *"Technology laggard” refers to a company that generally only uses a technology after it becomes mainstream.
  • Specifically, they report 1.6x higher scores on productivity, 2x higher scores on ability to focus, 2.2x higher scores on sense of belonging, and 2.8x higher scores on overall satisfaction. (2023 Future Forum Pulse: Winter Snapshot)

Career Growth & Internal Mobility  

People want to know about career growth! Awareness and tools for career exploration are powerful.   

Find out how to handle increased resignations

Communications & Transparency 

Transparency has far-reaching impacts – but there’s some misalignment among leaders and employees on what transparency looks like.  

From fostering culture and belonging to providing strategic alignment, the role of internal communication continues to be invaluable (IMHO). 

Internal communicators, HR professionals and leaders ranked the purpose of internal communication at their organization as follows (2022-2023 Gallagher State of the Sector Report):  

  • 74%: Creating an inclusive workplace where employees feel valued and energized (culture and belonging)
  • 67%: Creating clarity around company strategy and creating a sense of ownership (strategic alignment) among respondents from companies of 5k+ employees, this takes top priority!  
  • 47%: Supporting the adoption of new behaviors, systems and processes (organizational agility) 
  • 29%: Managing specific risks, e.g. cybersecurity, health and safety, ethical conduct (risks) 
  • 25%: Empowering employees to deliver the best possible service (customer experience) 
  • 22%: Demonstrating what people “get” in return for working for them (talent retention) 
  • 15%: Encouraging your employees to promote your brand, services and products (employee advocacy) 
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Need Some More Inspiration? 

If you’re still reading, I suspect you’re a fellow numbers nerd. Yay! I think you might be interested in some of our other data-y and numbers-related resources.

As we like to say, communicators make the best data storytellers because they know how to distill complex information for a general audience—all while wrapping it up in a captivating, persuasive story. So, dive in below and reach out if you need a hand!  

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Becky Sennett

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