Tune In: Our Favorite Podcasts About Work and Internal Communications

July 5, 2023

As I mentioned in my blog post about 23 Employee Experience Stats You Should Know in 2023 (#shamelessplug), I spend a lot of time reading and sharing industry reports. I also listen to a bunch of industry podcasts. Hearing different perspectives on internal communications, the future of work, employee experience and HR is fascinating, especially when organizations share specific examples of what they’re doing in these spaces.  

One of my favorite summertime activities* is to walk along the West Side Highway in NYC while listening to podcasts. (*Five-second soapbox: Wear sunscreen and UPF clothing.)

Fun fact about me: I can’t be stationary while listening to podcasts, much to my fiancée’s chagrin when we have a long road trip. I don’t retain anything and get antsy. But while walking? They’re glorious, informative and meditative.   

Over the past few years, I’ve added a bunch of internal communications and workplace podcasts to my queue. Here are five I’ve been reaching for recently.   

1. Brave New Work – The Ready  

About the Podcast: “A weekly podcast exploring what's stopping us from doing the best work of our lives. Expect hot takes on emerging work trends, tips for tackling common work challenges, and conversations with guests shaking up the status quo.”  

My Take: I could listen to hosts Aaron Dignan and Rodney Evans banter all day. They’re funny, insightful and ask thoughtful questions of each other and their guests. I’ve jotted down notes from their podcast so many times, to the point where I’ve nearly fallen off the treadmill at the gym during winter months. 🤣 Their podcast is on hiatus right now, but they have a huge archive you can dig into.  

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2. Microsoft’s WorkLab  

About the Podcast: “Everything we thought we knew about work—where we do it, when we do it, how we do it—has been turned on its head…WorkLab taps into data and research to guide you on the road ahead. Leaders and scientists share the company’s findings, and we’ll hear stories about how people and organizations are being transformed at this radical moment.”

My Take: These are short and sweet episodes (typically ~ 20 minutes) that feature Microsoft leadership, industry leaders, psychologists and more. Host Elise Hu and her correspondents guide conversations efficiently so a lot of ground is covered in each episode. 

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3. Infernal Communication – Staffbase   

About the Podcast: “In each episode of Infernal Communication, we take a deeper look at the wild little fires communicators have to put out every day. We uncover the surprising reach of these oh-so-common problems in communications and beyond. Join Kyla from Staffbase as she recruits authors, scientists, and experts to help get some fresh perspectives that will soothe the burn of your latest communication snafu, and help you think differently about your work and life.”

My Take: Podcast host (and our good friend!) Kyla Sims is a GREAT interviewer. She speaks to a wide range of subject matter experts about topics related to communications – diving into their background and history. It’s a refreshing break and an invitation to think bigger – and reflect on communications from a different angle. (Here’s a good piece on how the podcast came to be.) 

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4. Cruising Altitude – Firstup  

About the Podcast: “If you're a leader at a company with over 30,000 employees, managing employee experience is a little different. Problems are more complex, and implementing change is more difficult… We talk to leaders who are designing the best digital employee experiences in the world – from the front lines to the back office.” 

My Take: I learned about this podcast from Kyla Sims (see Infernal Communication above). I was immediately intrigued; I loved its focus on large organizations. The content is useful, with most guests providing specific examples versus only lofty ideas. I also appreciate the predictable show flow. Each episode is organized into aviation-related sections: the flight plan, first-class experience and turbulence.

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5. Candid Comms Podcast With Rachel Miller (All Things IC) 

About the Podcast: “The Candid Comms podcast connects internal communication professionals to the latest advice and guidance to help you thrive in your role. Your host is international Comms consultant, trainer and mentor Rachel Miller of All Things IC. Join Rachel every week to access inspirational and practical internal communication advice and ideas.”

My Take: This is a treasure trove of practical advice for internal communicators – four seasons worth! Sometimes it’s Rachel sharing her wisdom, other times she has conversations with guests. I like her approach – she sets out to leave listeners with one thing to know, one thing to do, and one thing to think about. 

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What’s in Your Podcast Rotation?   

The world of work and communications is constantly changing. As communicators, we can learn so much from the brilliant resources out there, including podcasts. What are you listening to? Let me know, and I’ll add it to my queue! Happy listening.

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Becky Sennett

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