Money Talks: Introducing the Internal Communications Salary Report

September 28, 2021

Have salaries in the internal communications industry always felt a little…murky to you? Same.

Salary transparency is critical for negotiating higher pay and addressing pay inequities. But since job descriptions, roles, and salaries in internal communications are often inconsistent across countries, industries and companies, it can be hard to know what you could (and should!) be asking for.  

It’s why the Brilliant Ink research team was thrilled to partner with our friends at Bananatag on a first-of-its-kind internal communications industry salary report. These results will arm you with the data you need to demonstrate your impact as an internal communicator and get the salary you deserve.  

Wondering about some of MY favorite data points? Here's a peek:

Experience in the Industry

The majority of our survey respondents have at least 4-7 MORE years of professional experience than internal communications experience. So, what does that mean? Lots of people move into the IC industry once they have several years of general experience under their belt – like me!  

the size of ic teams

“My team is small.” – every IC communicator. (Not really, but it seems like it.)

According to our survey data, across company sizes, there is roughly ONE internal communicator per thousand employees. 64% of our survey respondents were part of teams with only 1-4 communicators. I mean…

who you report to = MORE MONEY?

IC teams oftentimes report into different parts of the business – HR, Marketing, I’ve even seen Legal. When it comes to your salary, does it matter? Fun fact: Communicators who report into the Chief Marketing Officer move into the highest earner band ($130k+) earlier in their career. Location also seems to matter, with one country in particular falling behind the pack... but more on that in the report!

What you’ll find in the report

  • How much internal communicators with similar backgrounds and experience are paid
  • Benchmarking data to see how you stack up against other internal communicators when it comes to your IC team reporting structure and company size  
  • The attributes and designations that internal communicators frequently pursue  

Whether you’re looking to negotiate a salary increase, advocate for more people or resources for your team, or are considering your next career move, you’re bound to find insights to illuminate your way.

Download the report and check out this webinar about the report featuring Kyla Sims from Bananatag and our very own Head of Research, Jackie Berg.

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Becky Sennett

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