New Year, New Titles, New Faces! Brilliant Ink is Growing

January 18, 2022

It’s been an incredible year of growth at Brilliant Ink, not just for our clients, but for our team as well! We are so proud and excited to announce not one, not two, but three exciting promotions and one new addition!  

Hot off the Brilliant Ink Presses, here’s how our team is evolving and growing:


"We are so excited to announce Claire Stuart’s promotion to Creative Services Lead. Claire joined Brilliant Ink in 2018 as a contract designer and – after wow’ing our clients and colleagues – she joined full-time, contributing to both Project Management and Creative Services.  

For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of working with Claire, you’ll know she brings a magical combination of off-the-charts creativity, a passion for process and detail, and a keen eye for solutions that impact business strategy. Yep, she’s got the left brain and right brain firing on all cylinders – ALL THE TIME.  

In her new role, Claire will lead Brilliant Ink’s just-launched Creative Services Office, which meets all our clients’ design and creative needs. She’ll oversee our ace team of talented designers and branding pros and will continue to pour her brilliance into client projects.  

The good news doesn’t stop there! Claire’s adorable golden retriever, Weezie, will be elevated to the role of Director of Barketing, Head Zoom Call Crasher and Chief Happiness Officer!

Congratulations to Claire (and Weezie)." – Lindsay McCleary, Head of Operations


"Chances are, you’ve been witness to the brilliance of Gabriel Galdamez in some form or another in his tenure at Brilliant Ink. For our clients lucky enough to partner directly with Gabriel, you know firsthand the care he brings to his work and the innovative solutions he provides. You also know he throws himself fully into his work, bringing humor, levity, compassion and sometimes even his skilled voiceover talents to the plate.  

Gabriel also leads our marketing and, what began as just leading our social media strategy in 2019, has grown and grown to include overseeing our content strategy, email marketing, website, and speaking engagements, and driving the agency's marketing strategy as a whole to strengthen our reputation. However, Gabriel’s contributions don’t stop there. 

He’s integral in driving our internal work around diversity, equity and inclusion and enriches our culture at every turn. Gabriel isn’t just someone who believes in improving employee experiences; he makes them happen for our clients and our team.  

We’re thrilled to honor Gabriel’s high-flying achievements this year with a well-deserved promotion to Marketing Lead and Senior Strategist. Congratulations to Gabriel!" – Sara Howland, Vice President


"In just over four years, Lindsay McCleary has completely transformed the way we work at Brilliant Ink. If that sounds like a bold statement - it IS! And it's also 100% true. We first hired Lindsay to help us scale our processes to keep pace with our team's growth, and to project manage our most complex engagements.

Before long, Lindsay established our Project Management Office (PMO) and today, every single project in the agency has a dedicated Project Manager who provides strategic guidance and support to ensure the work stays on track, on time and on budget. And our clients and employees couldn’t be happier!

Not only is Lindsay single-handedly responsible for hiring, onboarding and supporting our entire PMO team, she’s also reinvented many of our work processes, from how we staff projects to how we manage budgets and beyond. Bottom line - if you’ve worked with Brilliant Ink in any capacity, chances are, you’ve seen the results of Lindsay’s work.

And Lindsay’s contributions don’t end there. She’s a trusted mentor and collaborator for many on our team, and has become one of my most reliable thinking partners and problem solvers. That's why I'm so thrilled to promote Lindsay to Brilliant Ink's Head of Operations, where she'll oversee a number of functions that together fuel our success, including Project Management and Creative Services, HR, Technology and Finance.

I am so excited to see where Lindsay’s brilliance takes us next! Congratulations!!!" – Ann Melinger, CEO


"In addition to these promotions, I am pleased to announce that the PMO is expanding with the addition of Mylanah Gordon as our newest hire at Brilliant Ink!  Mylanah joined us last year as a contractor providing stellar project management to several of our project teams.

Our clients love her attention to detail, and we love her thought-partnership and ability to find solutions to any problem. Mylanah is an operations professional through and through and I am confident that her background and tech-savvy, problem-solver mindset will prove invaluable as we continue to grow in 2022.

We are so happy to have her on the team full-time!" – Lindsay McCleary, Head of Operations


2022 will no doubt continue to challenge organizations. As employers, we must remain committed to developing our teams and fostering environments that welcome new talent, experiences and perspectives.

These promotions and additions reflect our growth as an agency and the investment we have made in ourselves. Our ability to expand our client services and offerings is a direct result of developing our people, and we look forward to meeting even more client needs here in 2022!

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Lindsay McCleary

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