Why We Refreshed Our Company Values

January 5, 2021

I have never been more excited to turn the page from one year to the next! With a previous year in the rearview, and a hopeful future ahead, I am excited to set a new intention for showing up this year. And it’s with that same attitude that our team decided to update our company values to match our intentions.

We’re believers in the idea that a company’s values should reflect its DNA and therefore, shouldn’t change too much over time (unless you fell into any of these pitfalls). However, as organizations evolve and mature, it’s a good idea to revisit foundational elements such as company values to ensure they still align. Here's a refresher on our core values:

Graphic: Be Human. Lead the Way. Stay Curious.

Last year, Brilliant Ink spent a lot of time learning how to become better humans and how to adjust our thinking to create a more inclusive culture. We actively foster a culture of curiosity which led us to open up tough conversations around issues of systemic racism, racial bias, and microaggressions.

It has also helped us to take an introspective approach to the biased ways we show up to work, and how our decisions impact the way we do business. 

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are an intrinsic part of the employee experience and that belief has led us to re-evaluate our values and what they mean to us. Although our core values remain the same, how we describe them is more aligned with who we are today and who we are striving to become. 

  • As we continue to be human we will do so by putting people first, amplifying all voices as well as bringing our whole selves to work. 
  • At Brilliant Ink, we’re known for leading the way for our clients and providing solutions that aren’t always easy to hear. This requires each of us to develop ourselves deliberately. 
  • And we may not be DEI experts, but we do have a voice. As we foster a culture of curiosity, we will focus on creating possibility for all and committing to a growth mindset. 

We are grateful to be a group of life-long learners who are always trying to do better. We’re excited to share our refreshed values with you as a guide to the great things we hope to achieve in 2021. And if you need any support or insight on revisiting YOUR organization’s values, drop us a line!

Read our blog: Creating Company Values True to Your Culture

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Lindsay McCleary

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