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Why Most Companies Should (Not) Publicly Celebrate History, Heritage & Awareness Months
Diversity & Inclusion

Is your company quick to post about monthly observances like Black History Month, Women’s History Month or Pride? Think twice and look inward before jumping on the social media post bandwagon for your DEI efforts.

Decreased Employee Engagement & Increased Resignations? Ask These 3 Questions
Employee Experience

All of our employee engagement and communication plans, strategies and tactics are pieces of a larger wellbeing puzzle. Before you look for the next new shiny tactic, make sure you’ve taken the entire employee experience into account and consider these questions.

Rethinking the Salary Transparency Taboo & Compensation Philosophy
Diversity & Inclusion

Salary transparency has always lived in a culture of secrecy, with some arguing it creates drama, toxicity and dissatisfaction. But what if we viewed the negative outcomes of salary transparency as an opportunity and signal to work towards equity?